IGD is often asked to design with a signature professional golfer.
This can often add significant marketing power to property sales
and have a genuine input into the strategy of golf course design.
IGD will only recommend the use of a signature name where
that particular market would benefit from such an association.
For example, branding is a very powerful tool in the UAE
whilst in regions such as Turkey branding has only proven
to increase the development cost without having a discernable
impact on golf revenues.

If a branded design is requested, the selection of a brand
suitable to that particular region is essential. For example
KJ Choi has a significant impact upon the South Korean market
whilst this brand has almost no impact on the UK market.
The PGA brand is suitable almost anywhere in the world.

IGD has associations with some of the world's most famous
brands but do not take agency fees from any such associations.
IGD is not owned or part owned by any professional golfers
or agents thereof which enables us to give an impartial
considered and honest view.
'Golf is no longer just a sport.
It is a serious business.'

Creating memorable and strategic golf courses is our primary focus but we also offer an extensive array of consultancy services. International Golf Design staff have worked for many golfing organisations, Professional Golfers Associations, local government departments and have even advised National Governments.

As part of the International Design Group and the PGA official supplier, The International Golf Design service is second to none.